Human Behavior Lab


Human Behavior Lab established in January 2020 using cutting edge technologies to study and analyze human behavior deeply using objective measures of biosensors data.
The Human Behavior Laboratory can help answer questions about human thoughts and emotions, and give us groundbreaking insights into our health, education and marketing tactics.

The lab can quickly and accurately collect biometric data, including eye tracking, facial expression analysis (reading emotions), neural signals (electroencephalography), galvanic skin response (GSR), and heart and respiration rates. The result is a greater understanding of how context and emotions influence human behavior.

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Human Behavior Lab team is working on studying the innovative ASD screening methods such as using machine learning algorithms via Eye tracking pupillometry and physiological measures to predict Autism in Children.


Virtual Reality and Augmented reality are becoming more effective and cost-efficient intervention type. Therefore, the team is working on examining the Effectiveness (reliability, validity) of using VR interventions to apply ABA interventions among Autistic children in Saudi Arabia.

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