Awareness & Community Service

Awareness Goals:

Center for Autism Research seeks to raise the community awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder «ASD» and serve it through


The community to Autism Spectrum Disorder «ASD» and its symptoms, causes and the different evidence-based treatment options available in the community.


And train families on how to deal with their children through the workshops and lectures to help them cope with the challenges associated with this disorder.


Families and educate the community throughout the country about the available services, methods of diagnosis, intervention and the importance of integration into society.

Community Activity:

Feel Autism:

Feel Autism is a special entertaining and educational experience, in which participants are instructed to perform some basic daily communicative and interactive tasks, from the perspective of sensory integration dysfunction. This experience targets creating a better understanding of how different children with ASD can perceive their surroundings. Hence, the difficulties they face to communicate and interact with others. After the experience, the participants are provided with clarification on what was experienced as well as the theory and research behind the experience.

Accept & Learn

The Center organized «Accept him and learn. We will guide you» event during 2016 as one of the activities of the autism awareness month in April. The purpose of this event is to provide knowledge that is specific to each participating mother concerns within a memorable experience for them. The event covered both the educational and entertaining aspects. Additionally, the design utilized the social interest and provided a light entertaining climate to the participating mothers. As such, climate cultivates the motivation of the participants toward acquiring the educational knowledge from the specialists.