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Teach me how to communicate

Announced on:Mon, Dec 28, 2015

General Description:

CFAR invites you to attend a workshop entitled "Teach me how to communicate", which includes information and training for specialists and parents who deal with autism spectrum disorder children (ASD).

Goals, Objectives & Themes:

Workshop Objectives for specialist:
Assisting the child’s verbal and non-verbal communication skills
Identifying appropriate goals for the child
Creating a treatment plan
Achieving required goals through child training
Knowing how to communicate with child
Workshop Objectives for parents:
Identifying child’s communication level
Identifying appropriate goals for the child
Developing child’s communication skills through daily routine
Workshop themes:
The difference between verbal and non-verbal communication skills
The importance of non-verbal communication skills
Receptive language skills- step by step
Expressive language skills-step by step
Play skills- step by step
Interaction with others
How to achieve goals
Overcoming negative behaviors through developing child’s communication skills

Event Speaker(s):

  • Lama Alohali, Speech and Language Pathologist

Event Details:

Event Location: King Salman Auditorium - KFSH&RC

Event Time: 10:00 AM - 03:00 PM

Event Targeted Audience: Both Families and Professionals

Event Language: English.

Event Interpretation: Not available.