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Should we believe all what we hear? Warning against therapies that aren’t supported by scientific research

Wed، 23 Dec - 23 Dec 2015

01:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Place: King Salman Auditorium - KFSH&RC

General Overview:

The lack of Specialist and provided services to children who diagnosed with Autism makes parents in trouble to choose an appropriate program for them (Mackintosh, Myers & Goin-Kochel 2005). When you type the word “Autism treatment” on google search engine, parents will find themselves drowning in a sea of information and neither its sources nor its methods are known. We have tens of therapeutic methods and publicized programs on internet and social media, but no one knows whether it’s useful or harmful for ASD children. Therefore, their families could be exposed to financial exploitation (Matson, Adam, Williams, & Rieske 2013).

The goal of our workshop is to train the parents to identify publicized therapeutic methods that are not supported by evidence-based research, in addition to identifying evidence-based therapeutic methods, as well as how to choose appropriate methods for their child. To further the goal of our workshop, we will use collective interactive activities, as well as displaying the scripts.
 Goals, Objectives & Themes:
Identifying strategies to deal with behavior problems before and after their occurrence.
the importance of early intervention in Autism treatment
Displaying the publicized, ineffective and harmful therapeutics methods by American (FDA) and Autism Science foundation (ASF).
Identifying seven simple and practical steps to verify publicized methods, and whether it’s useful for your child and supported by scientific research.
Displaying reliable sources which help to identify therapeutic methods supported by scientific research.
Identifying how to evaluate provided program, and the targeted areas and ongoing goals.
 Event Speaker(s):
  • Fahad Mohammed Al-Nimri, Lecturer in the Department of Special Education -Taif University
    PhD student in early intervention - University of California-Los Angeles
  • Faisal Mohammed Al-Nimri, American Board of applied behavior analysis (ABA)
    Lecturer in the Department of Special Education-Taif University
    PhD student in autism - University of California-Los Angeles

Event Details:

Place: King Salman Auditorium - KFSH&RC

Targeted Audience: Both Families and Professionals

Language: English.

Interpretation: Not available.

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