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Why my child is yelling? Crying? Hitting? What causes these behavioral problems and the methods to deal with them?

Tue، 22 Dec - 22 Dec 2015

01:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Place: King Salman Auditorium - KFSH&RC

General Overview:

Children with ASD show a high-rate of behavioral problems (such as self-injury, aggression, crying, tantrums, hand flapping, etc.) compared to children with normal development (Matson, Wilkins & Macken, 2009). Emerging of such behaviors may be the result of several factors such as adaptive skills deficits, biological and environmental/social factors which stimulate, reinforce, and maintain such behaviors (Jang, Dixon, Tarbox & Granpeesheh, 2011).These behavior problems are the main concerns of their parents, which not only affect the other developmental areas but also may cause harm to children themselves or the one taking care of them (Emerson et al, 2001).Therefore, parents training on Evidence-Based Practices is the best method to reduce or prevent these behaviors.

The aim of this workshop is to provide an effective program to train ASD families by using strategies based on scientific research to identify the causes of behavioral problems and the methods to deal with them.
 Goals, Objectives & Themes:
The importance of early intervention to treat behavior problems.
Identifying the types and the causes of behavior problems based on behaviorism.
Identifying the methods and tools for measuring behavior problems.
 Event Speaker(s):
  • Fahad Mohammed Al-Nimri, Lecturer in the Department of Special Education -Taif University
    PhD student in early intervention - University of California-Los Angeles
  • Faisal Mohammed Al-Nimri, American Board of applied behavior analysis (ABA)
    Lecturer in the Department of Special Education-Taif University
    PhD student in autism - University of California-Los Angeles

Event Details:

Place: King Salman Auditorium - KFSH&RC

Targeted Audience: Both Families and Professionals

Language: English.

Interpretation: Not available.

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